Friday, October 9, 2009

He Says, She Says: The Sexes Size Up the Latest Trends

In one corner, our Single-ish blogger Ryan Dodge gives the guys' perspective on spring's top trends, while's Susan Cernek voices her take on a few of-the-moment looks. Read on to find out which outfits girls love but guys loathe, plus the surprising style that earned the guys' stamp of approval. (Admit it—you want to know!)

/ Photo: Mark Leibowitz

Trend #1: Boho dresses

He says: No one told me Miss Cleo started a clothing line. A little whimsy is cute, but this looks like something my color-blind grandma would wear, complete with the orthopedic sandals. (I love you, Grammy!)

She says: Make all the Woodstock and psychic jokes you want. As long as you skip the full-on hippie treatment (love beads, peace-sign charms, Yoko-worthy floppy hats), a breezy boho dress is a classic rite of spring—kind of like Opening Day.


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